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In 1997 I got my first two cats from the SPCA, Misty and Chance. I showed them once as household pets but they didn’t like it.  Sadly after five years I had to have my boy Chance put down from Cancer.  It didn’t take long until I adopted another cat from the SPCA, Bella, to keep Misty company. I showed Bella and that is when I discovered Birmans. Six months later at the next show with Bella was when I found “Joey”. That’s also when Bella decided that she didn’t want to be a show cat anymore.  October 2006 Joey came home with me.  At the age of nine, Misty had to be put down for health reasons. 

It all began with “Joey” who was a four-month-old lilac point Birman:  the colour I had fallen in love with. Joey’s real name is MikaSu Bojolais of Bojo Birmans.  And that is where the name Bojo Birmans came from.  My first Birman. He is now a Supreme Grand Champion Alter and retired May 2007.  I miss showing him as he enjoyed it as much as I, once in a while I will still take him to shows.  April 24, 2005 I welcomed Casa de Amors Cali into our home – “Cali”. Cali is a blue silver lynx that was used as a breeding cat and show cat, she gave me two beautiful litters.  She is currently a Champion and retired in her new loving home in Iqaluit, being spoiled rotten.  Casa De Amors Bouquet is now living in Fort McMurray after having a wonderful show career and  also giving me two beautiful litters.  Elsea came to me summer of 2007 and after 2 c-sections I had to spay her and she is living in her new home in Calgary after getting her Supreme title.  I have kept her daughter Gurdie, a chocolate point, and she has given me very nice kittens since 2010. And for the 2011/2012 TICA Northwest show season, Gurdie got her first regional win by being the 20th Best Longhair Cat, 2nd Best Birman and Best Chocolate Point Birman.  Not bad for a girl that was only in 2 shows.

June 2008 Abigail, a Leonberger puppy, joined the family who is now 70lbs of love.

My cattery is small so I can give each cat the love and attention that they need and deserve. Kittens are played with and loved every day, as much as possible, and once big enough can venture out to the whole house.  The cats have free run of the house, no cages. I have a bedroom that is specifically the “cat room” where it is safe for the itty bitties to run and play.  To be able to maintain the small cattery and give everyone the attention they deserve, I have to find new wonderful homes for my retired breeders. 

Why are purebred cats expensive?

There are a lot of costs that go into this expensive hobby.  To start off, to get a breeding female can be $1000-$2000.  Once I have her, I have to keep up with vaccinations and high quality food.  When it's time for breeding I have to pay a "stud fee" which can be from $600-$800.  The female normally goes to where the male lives and that is never local for me.  For my Birman it's just a 150km road trip twice, but, for my Maine Coon, she has to be flown, which can cost $300 or more.  Providing the pregnancy and delivery goes well, I can have  approximately 1-6  kittens per litter and then I have to take all of them to the vet for check ups and vaccinations and I have micro chips put in..  Sometimes things don't go so well, such as when I had Elsea. Her first c-section was $1500 and she didn't produce milk, therefore I had to feed the kittens every two hours by hand to start, and when I worked, they got dropped of at the vets for feeding five days a week.  This gets pricey.  Along with all these costs, reputable breeders show their cats, which is not inexpensive.  We show our cats to make sure we are keeping in line with the breed standard, as the cats are judged multiple times in a show weekend my multiple judges.  As you should be able to see, we don't make money at this.  We feel lucky if we are able to recover our costs.  We do this out of passion for the breed and love of cats in general. 

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